Speed Meter Pro

Speed Meter Pro

It shows the network to which your computer is connected to and Internet usage
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Pure Networks, Inc.

Speed Meter Pro is a great tool that allows you to see the network to which your computer is connected to, as well as Internet usage. The main window shows the connection diagram of your network with the computer you are using, the router, other computers connected on the network, etc. The computer has a gauge that shows how much data you are sending and receiving over the network. Clicking on it you can see the PC traffic monitor. If the program is running in the other connected computers, the network usage can also be determined. On the right side of the main window you can check: the "Network Status" where you can scan the network and check if some element needs attention, the cause of the problem, and the solution; the "Internet Speed" that checks the download and upload speed; the "Local Network Speed"; and lastly the "Website Watch List" where you can check if a site is responding slowly or not at all. In "Options" you can enable to start the program when Windows starts, it allows using your network information to assist technical support, configure the display alerts, and choose the location nearest to you and the Internet connection type for most accurate tests.

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  • You can check if some element of your network needs attention, the cause of the problem, and the solution


  • Trial version can be used only for 7 days
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